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Dive into our gallery of success stories at Surface Renew, where we showcase the remarkable transformations we've achieved across a spectrum of surfaces and settings. From reviving the elegance of commercial spaces to restoring the warmth of residential interiors, our before-and-after examples stand as a testament to our expertise and dedication. As you’ll see below, our specialised restoration techniques breathe new life into damaged surfaces, demonstrating our commitment to quality, efficiency, and unparalleled results. 

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At Surface Renew, we're all about giving your home's story a helping hand. Our latest projects have seen us fixing the everyday: that dining table where your family gathers, the bathtub you unwind in, or the kitchen worktop marked by a cooking mishap. We focus on the practical magic of repair, removing those blemishes and getting your items back to looking their best. It's about keeping your home ready for whatever story comes next.


At Surface Renew, we understand the importance of maintaining a professional and welcoming environment for your business. Our recent projects have spanned various sectors, from refreshing the appearance of office reception desks to revitalising the high-traffic areas of retail stores. Whether it's a scuffed floor in a train station or a chipped countertop in a café, we tackle each challenge with precision. Our goal is to ensure your business space reflects the quality and professionalism you stand for, keeping it ready to impress and serve your customers effectively.

Thin Stripes


Save Money

Save up to 80% compared to replacement costs, offering significant savings while restoring quality and beauty.

Save Time

We repair on site, eliminating the wait for new items to be delivered and installed.

Save The Environment

Avoid landfill waste by reviving damaged items = a smarter, greener alternative.

Skilled Specialists

Each specialist brings expertise and precision to every repair, ensuring top-notch results that stand the test of time.

Quick Response

Repair needs are met swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to our customers.



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