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Surface Renew


Environmenal Policy

One of the main principles behind Surface Renew is that of protecting the environment and reducing the volume of materials sent to landfill. Renewing damaged surfaces instead of replacing is the first step to a greener world.

With strict government legislation and new corporate responsibilities, sustainability is fast becoming the norm for both the commercial and domestic building industries.

Most buildings need to reach and achieve sustainable accreditation under LEED or BREEM standards. Continue your corporate responsibility by repairing damaged surfaces instead of the costly practice of replacing.


A cost in money terms but more importantly a cost to our environment:

Cost of manufacturing a new product plus waste of production sent to landfill.

Cost of transportation of raw materials to factory, to manufacturing fabricator, to distributor, to installer/ tradesman to end client installation site.

Cost of disposal of the damaged materials from site to holding location and on to land fill.

“Protect our Future” – Renew instead of replacing damaged items and start saving money today.

Simply call Surface Renew and start playing your part in protecting our world.

 NI: +44 289 0726091
 RoI: +353 1 4569888